helping business thrive in golden bc


The industrial enterprise in Golden was the economic driver at the turn of the 20th century and is still the backbone of the community today.  


Louisana Pacific - Golden

 Louisiana Pacific is a leading manufacturer of high quality building products.  LP and its predecessors have been peeling veneer in Golden since 1964 and manufacturing plywood since the early 1970s. Louisiana Pacific currently employs 220 people and operates 80 hours per week. It is expected that in 2011 they will experience growth of 25% over 2010, and that permanent employment levels are expected to increase in the spring. Louisiana Pacific was a nominee and the winner of the Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious Director’s Choice Award in 2010.



The forest industry still has deep roots in Kicking Horse Country, employing approximately 100 workers including fallers, logging truck drivers and silviculture workers. The community of Golden is surrounded by managed pristine pine, cedar and spruce forests. Logging roads have opened up the back country to the outdoor enthusiast who can now access lakes, rivers and trails that once were inaccessible.  

Canadain Pacific Rail

Canadain Pacific Rail - Golden BC
The Canadian Pacific Railway was established in Golden in 1885. As it laid track through the Canadian Rockies it brought commerce, trade and people to the Columbia Valley.  Colourful and rowdy in the beginning it calmed down as the transient rail workers moved west with the railroad to other communities. Those visioning a town stayed behind, settled down to open businesses, build schools and establish a community.   Today, the CP Rail has 250 salaried employees in Golden working at the coal car repair facility and in rail maintenance.

HCA - Mountain Minerals in Moberly

Other industrial leaders in the community are