International Timberframes - Celebrating 20 Years!

International Timberframes - Celebrating 20 Years!
Posted on 04/23/2023
International Timberframes, a leading timber frame and DLT mass timber manufacturer, is proud to announce its 20th Anniversary. Founded on March 20th 2003 by Swiss Master Timberframer, Sigi Liebmann, International Timberframes has become a leader in the natural solid wood industry.

Sigi brought his expertise in heavy timber to Canada in 1999. He supported Canadian Timberframes in their start-up and went on to establish his company, International Timberframes in 2003. The company is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, engineering, and building timber frames and DLT mass timber, using traditional craftsmanship with the latest design and engineering technologies.

Sigi fell in love with Golden and has embraced the local community and culture. He was an avid paraglider and loves organic gardening and raising his Fold of Highland cattle. You may not know Sigi but people have usually heard of him. Some people will know him as the guy famous for doing handstands at the tallest part of buildings he worked on! His love for Golden and his passion for his craft is evident in everything he does, and it shows in the beautiful structures he and his team creates. He has contributed to the construction of some of Golden's most iconic structures, including the Eagle's Eye Restaurant, Kicking Horse Day Lodge, several homes at the ski hill, Golden Pedestrian Bridge, Golden Civic Centre, Whitetooth Brewing, Golden Seniors Centre, and College of the Rockies Golden campus.

“We are proud to celebrate 20 years of excellence in the natural solid wood industry,” said Sigi Liebmann, Founder and Swiss Master Timberframer of International Timberframes. “Our passion for wood and commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with new
technologies has allowed us to deliver precision-built structures with a unique artistic touch.” International Timberframes’ unparalleled expertise in heavy timber, combined with its love for wood, sets it apart from other manufacturers. “We are always trying to push the envelope, be creative and solve problems”. The company was the first in Canada to produce 100% wood DLT (dowel laminated timber) and it was used in the Radium Community Centre and Library. International Timberframes commitment to the environment is evident in their use of sustainable materials and methods, and their dedication to reducing waste and emissions.

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Building a new production facility

With the future in mind, and as the interest in building with 100% mass timber grows, International Timberframes is excited to announce the building of a new head office and mass timber production facility in Golden. With support from the Government Green Construction through Wood Program, the new facility will be the culmination of several years of planning, collaborating with wonderful architectural and engineering partners and absolute determination to continually be as sustainable as possible. The facility will be the timberframing workshop and production facility of 100% wood dowel laminated timber (DLT). DLT panels are being used as roof, floor, ceiling and wall panels in modern mass timber construction.

Built to passive design principles, with geo thermal and photo voltaic power, the facility will target net-zero carbon and implement a “whole wood” approach. 80% of the construction materials for the new facility will be wood based, harvested within the Columbia Valley, reducing up-front embodied carbon and transportation related carbon emissions. The whole wood approach maximizes the value of wood, endeavouring to utilize 100% of a tree's wood and bark fibre. Commodity lumber will be milled for structural DLT panels, wood fibre board will be used
to insulate the building and wood siding and bark cladding will be the protective outer layer. “We are extremely proud to be championing the production of this innovative sustainable DLT product right here in Golden, BC” says Sigi.

The company’s 20th anniversary marks a milestone in its history, but it also represents a commitment to the future. International Timberframes will continue to innovate, design and create beautiful and functional structures that stand the test of time.

For more information, please visit International Timberframes’ website at or contact: Nicole Altkuela - [email protected]
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