KHCCC Annual General Meeting 2022

KHCCC Annual General Meeting 2022
Posted on 05/20/2022
The KHCCC Annual General Meeting will be Monday, June 6th, 2022 from noon until 1pm. It will be held in the Civic Centre Basement and coffee and snacks will be provided.

I know we have been shooting for the stars (why not - we are ambitious!) and we had some great momentum going. Having to postpone the AGM due to insufficient pre-registered attendees was well… umh a surprise!

We started off with the “Shop local” campaign just before Christmas, then we did the woman in business video series, we received great feedback for our new social media marketing campaign “ Follow Friday” and then last but not the least, the first BBB (business Banter and beers) saw a great turnout!

To admit, we were a bit disappointed…. So after licking our wounds and gathering our thoughts, we are just going to try again!

Why do you need to come? Your vote counts!

I get it - when in your business a decision needs to be made, you make it and move on to the next. You’re in control and you get to choose, right there and then. That doesn’t work for a NFP organization like the chamber of commerce. Staff execute the direction made by the board of directors who are elected by the members, which is YOU! So now we have the staff back in place and the “office” is operational again, we need your help to make some decisions.

First Decision

We need to vote in some new board members. Below a short list of whom we recruited so far with more details about everyone next week:

  • Megan Lockhart - Mount7 Microgreens
  • John Holton - Selkirk Strategy
  • Wesley Routley - Wesley Routley
  • Samantha Foster - Moxie Marketing

    Second Decision

    As I mentioned earlier we are shooting for the stars. What that means is that we want to grow the Chamber team to support businesses in Golden better. With all the struggles regarding hiring, increased (labor) cost etc. etc. the Board has proposed to adjust the bylaws to include an annual increase of the membership fees by 3%. Please note this is not just a decision made by our local board but also highly recommended by the BC Chamber of Commerce.

    As good business owners we know it makes sense to periodically review your pricing. For as long as I have been a member myself (6 years) the membership fees have never been increased/changed and I know it’s been on our radar for multiple years. Obviously it didn’t feel right to propose this during the start of the pandemic. Is now the right time? We think so.

    Below a table that shows the change in dollars:

    Membership Tier



    Change in $$$

    Remote Worker

    $   55.00

    $   56.65

    $             1.65

    Side Hustle

    $   90.00

    $   92.70

    $             2.70


    $ 162.25

    $ 167.12

    $             4.87


    $ 216.30

    $ 222.79

    $             6.49


    $ 275.55

    $ 283.82

    $             8.27


    $ 437.35

    $ 450.47

    $           13.12


    $ 606.70

    $ 624.90

    $           18.20


    $    84.35

    $   86.88

    $             2.53

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