Let's Start With Why!

Let's Start With Why!
Posted on 02/25/2022
It seems like more than ever this question is being asked. Why…

- Why would I spend my time on this versus that?
- Why would I spend my money on x instead of y?
- Why would I sign in to another Zoom presentation when I can go outside and enjoy nature?
- Why would I join the Chamber of Commerce?

That last question I asked when I attended my first Chamber event as a business owner back in 2015. The answer I got wasn’t really one I like to repeat or that made any sense to me nor did it make me excited to join. But I did and not just as a member, I joined to sit on the board! Why you may ask? 

- Because I thought it was important to engage with other business owners
- Because I believe together we can do more
- Because I wanted to learn 
- Because I believe in collaboration
- Because I love Golden and the business community
- Because I’m not afraid to be part of change. 

Let me explain what Chambers do

There are only a couple core services a Chamber should focus on:

1. Advocacy
2. Creating benefits and opportunities that improve members bottom line
3. Creating connections focused on Educational & Networking opportunities

That’s it! Over the next few months, we will dive into each one of these services further to explain how the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce executes this.

If you want to know more about myself or my position / journey with the Chamber feel free to reach out via email! I am happy to share more about why I am still passionate about this organization.
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